From Namm show to Disney Hall

Went to the Namm show in Jan. and had a great time viewing all the new "toys" on the market. Saw lots of friends.
I got to sample the Yamaha alto sax, checked out some sax mics, and the M-Box.

For Valentines Day my wife and I went to the Disney Hall in LA. Beautiful building and the sound is amazing.


Lance said...


Love your music. The stuff you did with AD was pure brilliance! Any chance of another solo cd? Pretty please!

Lance in Oregon

2old2kare said...

Used to catch you & the Bros @ the old HOP way back in the day... loved your music then, like what I've seen/heard off the links... Your name came up in conversation, and was curious - Googled you, found the blog...GREAT! So, greetings from FW!
-Wild Bill

Ronald said...

I was first exposed to your music when I picked up a copy of the Bloodrock "Passage" album when it was first released. I loved that release (and still do; I have "Tripych" on CD). Later I was thrilled to find you working with Kerry in AD and loved and still love that music as well. As a Christian who was glad to hear music that was creatively expressing a Christian worldview in a way that no one else came close to I was frustrated to see AD go down in flames. I still find the Christian music niche frustrating at times, though artists like Michael Card, Phil Keaggy, Charlie Peacock, and Cademon's Call are edifying and yet creative. I still listen to a lot of rock outside the "Christian" niche (note my avoidance of the word "secular"), such as Kansas, Gentle Giant, Wallflowers, Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, and others too many to mention, not to mention a lot of jazz and other hard to peg artists. The best art is just good art, regardless of the genre or label. I miss your voice, harmonica, flute, and sax playing. I hope someday you'll be able to do something more akin to the stuff you did with Kerry or Bloodrock, but I'm just glad to know you're still around and wish the very best and blest for you and your family.