Pictures from NYC

I am on the Today Show,Donna,me,camera man,&Bobby(bodyguard)
I am playing on the Letterman Show
Central Park,Great Jazz band
Lunch at little Italy with my wife,Avah

ground zero, and memorial at church
across the street.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Warren!

Every time I have seen you live I didnt recognize you till your face was buried in your hand playing the harp! he he he

I too am a harp player and I remember when I learned the harp solo from "The only way to have a friend" which was awesome.

I have a band called Sugar Penny, local to Los Angeles (Sierra Madre)
Maybe we will come up on your radar near wher eyou are one day. In the meantime, keep playin and singing... I need to hear your voice more!

In Christ

Joe "Harpcat" Echevarria