Summer 2014

It's been a busy summer touring with Ringo in June/July and with Olivia Newton John at The Flamingo in Vegas,  July/ August.

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Dave Buchholz said...

Warren: We met years ago at the Royal Grove in Lincoln, Nebraska, when Bloodrock played there. One of my favorite bands of all time. I played in horn bands in the 1970's—and we actually did horn-driven arrangements of "Jessica" and "Kool-Aid Kids".

You and Stevie Hill were gracious enough to let me hang out backstage during the gig—and I had a great conversation with you and Stevie (who is one of my keyboard heroes.) Stevie and I had some correspondence back and forth prior to the Lincoln gig—and he was very gracious with his time and guidance to an aspiring rock and roll keyboard player.

Saw you with Ringo in Omaha last year—and looking forward to seeing you in Lincoln in June 2016.

Would love to get an autograph on my "Whirlwind Tongues" album when you're in town. Any chance of that?


Lincoln, NE